The Batwa girls contest by the Fo-FE

The Batwa girls contest by the fo-FE.
The organization of miss’s competition dates back to the time of antiquity. This event has experienced several developments over time to reach the current stage where some states or competitions have their own standards. However, participants or more rarely participants in this beauty contest must meet certain aesthetic criteria to win a prize.

Burundi organized the miss burundi competition for the first time in December 2008. the miss burundi election is a contest in which culture, beauty and intelligence occupy an important place.
Young girls from all provinces of the country participate in this event, which is awarded a gold prize, including a prestige protocol for all year. It also benefits from other opportunities that enable it to achieve good socio-economic development through several national and international activities.
Like any other cultural innovation, the miss burundi competition faces several constraints hostile to fashion evolution or religious and religious beliefs.

The miss burundi competition is coming to its eighth edition, which is still being organized. All social and ethnic strata participate, but no candidate for the twa ethnic group has been registered. One wonder about the causes of the non-participation of young girls of the twa ethnic group as the competition is open to any burundian girl who fulfils the conditions required without any other form of discrimination.

In this context, the initiator of the femidejabat foundation, Mr Félicien Minini Nsengiyumva, questioned the barriers that prevent the very beautiful and nice batwa girls from home from participating in the miss burundi competition. In his wish to see a miss burundi of the twa ethnic group, he seized the femidejabat foundation to study the feasibility of organizing a miss contest among batwa girls living in the different provinces of Burundi. The main objective of this contest is to find a young girl from the twa ethnic group or several who can participate in the miss burundi competition.

The organization of this competition will be extended throughout the national territory of Burundi, starting with communal competitions up to the national level. The Femidejabat foundation will work with local government, organizations working for the promotion of batwa, national or international organizations and any other person concerned with the socio-economic development of the burundian population in general and the batwa in particular.
This activity will be organized as part of its objective of raising awareness and mobilizing young burundians in the field of self-development. IT CORRESPONDS TO AXIS 6 OF ITS ACTION PLAN 2018-2022 in relation to the awareness of indigenous youth.
The Femidejabat Foundation for the people and the nation.

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